2022-2023 CYRA Information

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Rodeo #2 Memory Verse is Psalm 9:1, "I will praise you, Lord, wth all of my heart. I will tell of all the wonders you have done."

Calf Riders ONLY

10 and Under Calf Riders ONLY need to print the waiver, sign and notarize it, in addition to clicking agreement on the Membership Portal. The form must be in the Secretary's hands by Monday at 8 pm of the rodeo week, for the rodeo you are entering. Please call 903-276-1759 for mailing instructions, or delivery instructions. Remember - this is only for CALF RIDERS! Everyone other event may agree to the waiver online when they register!

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CYRA 2022-2023

CYRA Membership and Entry Portal

This is our Rodeo Management System for the 2022-2023 season! You'll become a member, enter, pay entry fees, and check all stats on this site.

Don't forget - every contestant MUST upload a picture of their birth certificate along with their FREE Membership form! Details and easy instructions on on our Membership Portal!

Upcoming Events

  • BACK up Rodeo Payment!
    Time is TBD
    Back up Payment method for any rodeo
    Time is TBD
    Back up Payment method for any rodeo
    This is ONLY for people who have trouble paying through RMS. MOST people won't use this section!